Day Dream.

Project has not been released by the client yet. But in the meantime, you can watch the official trailer.

  • LINE Skis
  • Januray - March 2023
Our Services
  • - Script, storyboard, shooting management
  • - Production
  • - Editing, music search, motion design, sound design, grading, mastering

The Mission.

LINE was founded in 1995 by Jason Levinthal to produce short, twin-tipped skis for freestyle skiers, and has since moved to produce full-length freeskis with a mission to grow and rejuvenate skiing by building innovative, athlete-driven skis.

Like in 2022, we worked with the French LINE team to produce an inspiring film to present the brand to the public.

This year we produced a short film ( 10min) called Day Dream.
We wanted the public to follow the LINE French team on a typical day filled with adventure. From a breathtaking sunrise to thrilling freeride descents, the athletes will then explore a hidden stone village before ending the day in the snow park.

Film will be released in December 2024.
In the meantime you can enjoy the official trailer.

We produced :

  • 10 min short film
  • 1 min trailer

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