MTB HEROES is our documentary series dedicated to mountain biking, introducing the main actors of the community and the dedication that goes into making a lifestyle out of riding a bike. You will follow them in their daily lives and learn more about your favorite riders.

Sometimes you meet extraordinary people who have dedicated their lives for a job. These people are riders, product manufacturers, designers, bike patrols or event managers and all of them transform this work into passion.

MTB HEROES will follow them and share these stories, emotions, passion, action… You will have the opportunity to have a look in the daily live of the best riders of the planet.
This documentary series is a mix of aesthetics, action and true stories, dedicated to mountain bike.

The SEASON 1 was produced in 2013 and consists of 6 episodes.

The SEASON 2 was produced in 2015 and consists of 13 episodes.

The SEASON 3 (Trailblazers) was produced in 2016 for InsightTV and consists of 10 episodes.


In the most beautiful places around the world, from the most isolated mountains of Alaska, trough the desert of Argentina, we will take you one more time to meet the best MTB Athletes. You will meet them where they live, where their stories started. They will show us their favorite spots and take us around the most beautiful trails, where they’ve always wanted to go. Each new episode is an opportunity to discover the world and the local cultures. It’s an immersive experience with both entertaining and educational values. This new season was shot in 4K UltraHD – HDR (high dynamic range) and high frame rates (50 frames per second) using cinema cameras, to do not only offer the best image quality but drive you even closer to the stories, the people, the landscapes. An epic cinematography and captivating adventures that will immerse you with the best mountain bike riders on the planet.

Starring: Mike Hopkins, Jonathan Maunsell, Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson, Bernado Cruz, Tom and Bas Van Steenbergen, Casey Brown, Rob Heran, Cesar Rojor, Nick Pescetto and Sven Martin.

Locations: Madagascar, Norway, Alaska, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Morocco, Spain, Bali, New Zealand.

This season is available worldwide exclusively on InsightTV.

You can watch this series in UltraHD 4K on InsightTV, or on Smart TVs.

S03 – EP1 – Mike Hopkins

In this episode, we head to Madagascar to spend some time with Mike Hopkins. Canadian adventurer, Mike spends his time traveling around the world, shooting films and doing competitions. He’s gonna share with us his passion of mountain bike and show us what’s behind the scene of making a film. We will discover with him the western side of the island, explore stunning mountains, baobabs forests and try to get an idea of the amazing culture of Madagascar.

S03 – EP2 – Jonathan Maunsell

In this episode, we head to Norway to spend some time with Jonathan Maunsell. Pro Enduro racer from Ireland, Jonathan is one of the most talented enduro rider of his generation. We will follow him during a few days travelling the country from south to north and discover with his local friends some of the best MTB trails that Norway as to offer. This documentary will be also a great opportunity to discover the most beautiful coasts and landscapes in the world.

S03 – EP3 – Dylan Dunkerton & Curtis Robinson

In this episode, we head to Alaska, to spend some time with Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson. Living on the coast of British Columbia, these multi-talented riders spend time between riding and creating captivating media. They also built one of the most famous bike park in the world. We will follow them during their first adventure trip in Alaska, as they wanted to explore, ride and camp in one of the wildest place on the planet.

S03 – EP4 – Bernardo Cruz

In this episode, we head to Ouro Preto, Bresil, to meet with Bernardo Cruz. The Brazilian rider is a star in his country. Known for his style and skills on a bike, he will tell us his story and show us where everything started. We will then be joining him at one of the biggest Urban Downhill races which takes place in Taxco, Mexico. There, he will be trying to win the race for the third time in a raw.

S03 – EP5 – Tom & Bas Van Steenbergen

In this episode, we follow the Van Steenbergen brothers, Bas and Tom, to one of the most unique place in the world to ride your bike, Argentina. They wanted to discover this renowned freeride location and find some trails where they could mix their riding styles. Tom and Bas will share the struggles of digging a line in the heat and at high altitude, and they will also share everything about what is MTB is for them.

S03 – EP6 – Casey Brown

In this episode of MTB Heroes we meet with one of the fastest girls on the planet, Casey Brown. World’s class rider, she made a name for herself competing in Downhill World Cup. We will follow her during a trip in South Africa. At the top of the famous Table Mountains, shark cage diving, riding in the old canyons of Cederberg Wilderness Area and finally she will tell us why she’s such a fervent defender of the animals. Always smiling, her positive energy will make you wanna go out and enjoy the world we live in!

S03 – EP7 – Rob Heran

In this episode, we head to Morocco with Rob Heran, one of the most famous riders in Germany, has been on the MTB scene since the beginning back in the 90’s. After years of competing around the globe, taking part in the biggest contests, he retired from competition and now focuses more on having the best time riding all around the world in his van. We will document his travels through Morocco, from the desert to the High Atlas and will show the diversity of landscapes and weather that Morocco has to offer.

S03 – EP8 – Cesar Rojo

In this episode, we head to Barcelona – Spain to meet with the former world cup downhill racer Cesar Rojo. With his colleagues, he launched Unno bikes with the explicit aim of producing truly one-off handcrafted mountain bikes. We will visit Cesar in his offices in Spain and show you the process of creating a bike. He will tell us about the challenges that he has faced while creating his brand and why he thought that his products have a place on the market. Being in Barcelona, we will give you a tour of the city and a tour of the mountains surrounding it.

S03 – EP9 – Nick Pescetto

In this episode, we went to a fairly surprising place to ride your bike at. Paradisiac beaches, active volcanos and small islands don’t sound to much like a mountain biker dream right? That didn’t discourage Nick Pescetto to move and live there.Nick started riding when he was young but really made it onto the front of the scene when the big bike contests came around. He will take us to all the spots he rides but will also help you to get the full Bali experience with surfing, cliff jumping and expedition on a boat.

S03 – EP10 – Sven Martin

In this episode, we travel to the other side of the globe, in New Zealand to meet with one of the legend of this sport, Sven Martin. We will follow him during his everyday life in New Zealand, shooting photos with his friends or going for rides on the amazing trails around Nelson but we will also be documenting his work, following him during one of the most famous MTB contests in the world, the Crankworx Rotorua. He will explain how he keep his passion for this sport that he loves so much.


Following the success of the first season, we go even deeper into the everyday lives of the main protagonist of this incredible and fast-paced sport, in order to show the passion and dedication that goes into making a lifestyle out of riding a bike. With unique access to some of the biggest names in the sport and produced in stunning 4K ultra-high definition, this is mountain biking as you have never experienced it before !

Starring: Szymon Godziek, René Wildhaber, Antoine Bizet, Kelly McGarry, Timo Pritzel, Darren Berrecloth, Brett Tippie, Anne-Caroline Chausson, Ted Tempany, Geoff Gulevich, George Edwards, Tito Tomasi, Jackson Goldstone, Remi Thirion, Thibault Ruffin, and many more!

Locations: Canada, Chile, Poland, Madeira, China, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and France.

The season 2 is available in DVD/Bluray, with a special edition in 4K UHD.

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S02 – EP1 – Szymon Godziek

In this episode , we head to Poland to meet top slopestyle rider Szymon Godziek, and follow him on his campaign to one of the biggest events of the year, The RedBull District Ride in Nuremberg Germany. Here he will attempt a brand new trick which has never been sucessfuly pulled off in a contest setting. If he manages, Szymon will be writing a new chapter in the progression of the sport and push his game to a whole new level.

S02 – EP2 – Tito Tomasi

In this episode, we head to Chile with Tito Tomasi. Great rider and adventurer, Tito travels the world with his bike in search of new cultures and experiences. He is also a talented artist and lover of nature, who shares his time between painting, surfing and meeting new people. So come along with us and discover the wild and volcanic landscapes of Chile.

S02 – EP3 – Hutchinson Tires

In this episode, we will be taking a look at the manufacturing process of Mountain bike tires, from the raw materials right through to their usage in competition. This essential component of the bike must allow the rider to endure any kind of terrain or conditions, and can mean the difference between winning or losing a race.

S02 – EP4 – Kelly McGarry & Antoine Bizet

In this episode, we head to New Zealand to spend some time with Antoine Bizet and Kelly McGarry. These two world famous MTB freeriders are competing in the most impressive competitions, but don’t have much time to shred together. Kelly lives near the beautiful city of Queenstown and will guide Antoine througth the most beautiful trails in the south island. A mix of scenic trails, insane riding and wild landscapes …

S02 – EP5 – Megavalanche

In this episode, we will discover one of the most legendary races in the world. Created 20 years ago the MEGAVALANCHE of ‘Alpe d’Huez’ is a downhill marathon that takes place every year in the French Alps. Over 2000 riders from different nationalities compete to be the fastest. The finale is probably the most impressive moment with a mass start of 300 riders from the Pic Blanc glacier at 3300m in an attempt to finish first at the bottom of the valley.

S02 – EP6 – Jackson Goldstone

In this episode, we head to Canada to spend some time with Jackson Goldstone. This talented kid is the future of MTB. At 11yo,  Jackson is exposed to some of the best bike trails on the planet and allow him to develop a really high MTB level. He’s now able to ride with the best pro riders on the planet. We will spend a few days with Jackson and his dad, to know more about him.

S02 – EP7 – René Wildhaber

In this episode, we head to Switzerland to spend some time with René Wildhaber. He’s known to be the best downhill marathon rider. He’s capable of climbing, skiing, riding the mountain in all the possible ways and conditions. We will follow him in Switzerland on his home trails and during his training on Madeira Island.

S02 – EP8 – Ted Tempany

In this episode, we head to Squamish in Canada to spend some time with Ted Tempany. He’s a renowned trail builder who has built many famous features and trails shot for the best MTB movies like New World Disorder series and Strength in Numbers from Anthill Films. He’s one of this guy who dedicated his life to MTB. We will follow him to discover some of the best built trails in the world.

S02 – EP9 – Timo Pritzel

In this episode, we head to Germany to spend some time with Timo Pritzel. He’s one of the first DirtJumper to become professional. He’s been riding in the NWD series since the beginning and one of the first to experiment tricks with a MTB. He’s also a Yoga teacher and a team manager who use his own experience to teach the new generation. Timo will present his story and we will follow him riding in Spain with Xavier Pasamonte his old team rider.

S02 – EP10 – Brett Tippie

In this episode, we head to Vancouver, Canada, to spend some time with Brett Tippie. He’s one of the MTB freerider pioneers to became a professional. He started to ride in Kamloops, Canada, when the MTB was at its beginning. He’s also a famous speaker covering events and tv shows. Full of energy, Brett is named « director of good times »…

S02 – EP11 – Anne­ Caroline Chausson

In this episode, we head to France to meet Anne­ Caroline Chausson. She is a multiple MTB world champion and the most renowned woman mountain biker in the history. She won more titles than all the top 5 men MTB athletes all together. She’s also a famous BMX athlete who became the first ever Olympic gold medal winner in BMX racing. We will follow her during a few days between France and Italy to spend some times with a MTB legend.

S02 – EP12 – KC Deane

In this episode, we head to one of the hottest and driest place of the planet : The Gobi Desert in China. Located in the extreme northwest of China, this remote location is probably not the best place for riding a bike. It’s here that pro rider “KC Deane” just started his new bike expedition. KC is a renowned professional freerider and lover of nature that spend his time between Ski and MTB in search of the ultimate freeride line. We will follow him during his two weeks trip in the spectacular sci-fi landscapes of Gobi Desert.

S02 – EP13 – Darren Berrecloth

In this episode, we head to northwest China to spend some time with Darren Berrecloth. Darren is one of the most legendary mountain bikers on the planet and one of the top freerider in the world. He just started to explore an unridden area of China close to the Mongolian border in search of new culture and new experiences. We will follow him during this trip in the wild and extraordinary ​landscapes of China along the historical silk road.


Produced in 2013, the first season of MTB HEROES consists of 6 episodes and follows some of the best riders and actors of the MTB community.

Featuring : Cam Zink, Geoff Gulevich, Graham Agassiz, Kurt Sorge, Rachel Atherton, Greg Minnaar, Anthony Messere, Andi Wittman, Snorre Pedersen, Ben Walker, Sebastien Giraldi, Nico Zacek and more !!!

Locations : Hafjell, Châtel, Wildkogel, Val D’Isere, Champery, Les 2 Alpes.

S01 – EP1 – Châtel Mountain Style

In this episode, we head to France, to experience the “Châtel Mountain Style”, a unique mountain bike event in Europe and of the first Freeride event in France. The riders have to choose the best line they can down the mountain hitting jumps and pulling tricks all the way. We will follow this event through the eyes of the organiser Seb Giraldi and some of the world best freeriders.

S01 – EP2 – Snorre Pedersen

In this episode, we head to Norway, to spend some time with Snorre Pedersen. Bike park manager of Hafjell, it was one of the first ski resort to develop mountain bike in Europe. We’ll spend some time with him, in his daily life, of  to understand how you create, maintain and manage a bike park. One of the best MTB park, surrounded by mountains with beautiful landscapes and unspoilt natural world.

S01 – EP3 – Rachel Atherton and Greg Minnaar

In this episode, we follow Rachel Atherton and Greg Minnaar during the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Val D’isère – France. Based on individual ability, reliable equipment and natural surroundings, riders don’t have much chance to enjoy the panoramic views as they navigate in one of the longest and hardest race of the season.

S01 – EP4 – Crankworx Les 2Alpes

In this episode we are heading to Crankworx Les 2Alpes. It’s the first Crankworx event to take place outside of North America. In a stadium of dirt sculpted out of raw mountain, a convergence of the best MTB riders from all around the world gathers to be the best slopestyle champion of the year. The organizer Sebastien Chauvet, the top riders Cam Zink, Anthony Messere and Cam Mc Caul speak about this amazing contest.

S01 – EP5 – Nico Zacek – Nine Knights

In this episode, we head to Wildkogel – Austria to meet with Nico Zacek. He’s the event organizer of the Nine Knights, where the world’s best mountain bike freeriders and photographers spent one week together to create amazing conent. We will follow Nico and some of the best riders to understand why this contest is so unique.

S01 – EP6 – Ben Walker

In this episode, We head to Champery – Switzerland to meet with Ben Walker, a local trail builder and mountain bike manager from Scott. He will explains his job and why he fell in love with this place. Dream destination and amazing scenery in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Champery is one of the most beautiful places to ride mountain bike


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