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  • 2016 - 2022
Our Services
  • - Talents, Contracts, Permits, Script, Storyboard, shooting schedule and management
  • - Production (Cinematography and Photography)
  • - Editing, music search, motion design, sound design, grading, mastering

The Mission.

InsightTV, is a global leader in 4K ultra HD content, based in Amsterdam.
It operates a linear channel « InsightTV », and several digital channels which is distributed through Smart TVs and OTT platforms as well as via 

Insight TV channels are  Specializing in story-driven content for millennial and Gen-Z audiences, Insight TV’s original programming seeks to connect global communities through authentic voices.

Since 2016, we produced and filmed several shows for Insight TV.

In 2017, we are the first in France to produce a TV Series in 4k HDR (High Dynamic Range). (MTB Heroes)

Between 2017 and 2019 we were involved in other productions, including Jndia: The Fast Life, Endurance – 24 hours at Spa, The 30//10 Challenge, Dangers Of Dark Fest, Surf Girls, Modern Day Gladiators.

In 2020, we produced Sandboarding on Dragon Hill, a 44min one-off documentary, shot in 8K UHD, where we follow mountain bike legend Brett Tippie, as he travels to Chile to meet local sandboarding world champion, Jose Martinez to ride the world’s biggest sand dune in the Chilean Atacama desert.
The footage was used by Samsung to launch their new QLED Tvs.

In 2021 we produced Capturing Winter, a documentary series following professional winter photographers and filmmakers in action. It reveals the creative process, the challenges, and the triumphs behind their epic winter images.

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